On this page you’ll find all merchandize cards from William Regal that were published in 2002 and that I actually own. I don’t copy & paste pictures from all around the internet. So chances are that these aren’t all cards available. If you like to suggest one or more cards for me to complete my collection, just give me a hint in the commentary section on this page. Thanks in advance!

William Regal cards 2002 Text from the reverse side:

Ever since William Regal started using brass knuckles – an advantage he refers to as “The Power of the Punch” – the former WWE Commish has enjoyed an Intercontinental Championship reign and victories over the biggest names. Regal’s first experiment with the knucks took place on the November 26, 2001 edition of Raw. The result: a pinfall over Big Show.

Thought about the obverse side:

For some strange reason – like to illustrate what’s written on the reverse side – there’s not Big Show on the obverse side but Edge who had to suffer from the Regal Stretch, not the brass knuckles.

William Regal cards 2002 Text from the reverse side:

Well-spoken. Arrogant. Willing to do anything and everything to prevail in life and on the canvas. William Regal and Chris Jericho love to tell fans what to think and how to properly praise their respective accomplishments. What makes these two Superstars even more bothersome is their physical ability to back up every word.

Fact from the obverse side:

To make this comparison card an obvious one, the two WWE brands with their respective representative are shown here:
RAW / William Regal vs. SmackDown / Chris Jericho

William Regal cards 2002 William Regal cards 2002 Text from the reverse side:

Congratulations! The card you have just received contains a piece of an authentic event-worn shirt worn by William Regal.

Information about the very shirt piece:

William Regal here clearly wears a referee’s shirt. And the white shirt piece suggests that it was indeed from the referee’s shirt. In 2001 William Regal had exactly one match he served as referee and that was the match on 09 April 2001 for Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit on RAW. You can watch the match here to clearly witness that it is indeed the very match this piece originated from.

Those are two cards of the same kind. But there are different pieces from the referee shirt. Plus: there is a written autograph on the obverse side of the left card, originally by William Regal (but not collected by myself).

Text from the reverse side:

William Regal 2002 The fine Englishman William Regal finally found a respectful, proper lady he could associate with in the WWE when he met Molly. The two hit it off very well because he truly respected her because she was a woman who could make a name for herself in the ring without hiking up her skirt or wearing skimpy outfits.

Fact from the reverse side:

partnerships | absolute divas | (William Regal)

William Regal cards 2002 Facts and text from the reverse side:

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Hometown: Liverpool, England
  • Finishing Move: The Regal Stretch

The self-proclaimed “Goodwill Ambassador” from the U.K., William Regal came in hopes of teaching Superstars – and fans – politeness and decency. But he’s more of a “do as I say, not as I do” personality. Regal is never beyond a cheap shot if it means capturing a win.

Note: William Regal’s billed hometown obviously is Blackpool, not Liverpool. The creator of this card must have been sleeping. Also this card isn’t made from massive gold. It’s just two very thin layers put on cardboard.

William Regal cards 2002 Text from the reverse side:

  • All Access | Card No.: 30

Regal’s road to the Federation involved many obstacles, both professional and personal. His ability to overcome his demons – and the odds – has earned him the respect of the locker room. Known for his dry wit and love of pranks, Regal is friendly with Federation road agent and former wrestler Fit Finlay.

William Regal cards 2002 Text from the obverse / reverse side:

  • PPV Relics
  • Official WrestleMania X8 Ring Canvas
  • WWE RAW vs. SmackDown
  • William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam

Congratulations! This card contains a piece of an authentic event-used ring-mat, used at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto, Canada on March 11, 2002 by WILLIAM REGAL and ROB VAN DAM.

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