On this page you’ll find all merchandize cards from William Regal that were published in 2006 and that I actually own. I don’t copy & paste pictures from all around the internet. So chances are that these aren’t all cards available. If you like to suggest one or more cards for me to complete my collection, just give me a hint in the commentary section on this page. Thanks in advance!

William Regal 2006 William Regal 2006 Text and facts from the reverse side:

  • WWE Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor (left card)
  • WWE Topps Heritage Chrome X-Fractor (right card)
  • William Regal WWE Superstar
  • [Card no.] 53

He’s classy and dignified, a true English gentleman. He also is crass and arrogant, a Briton who looks down upon, well, almost everyone who besmirches the name of his native city, Blackpool. William Regal, a singles and tag team champion on multiple occasions, is a skilled, scientific wrestler, and also one of the toughest brawlers in the business – in and out of the ring.

William Regal cards 2006 Text from the reverse side:

William Regal made his professional debut at the age of 15. His early matches took place in Blackpool, England. In 1991, he had a tryout with WWE [actually WWF at the time], but took a job at WCW. He stayed with WCW until his WWE debut in October 1998.

William Regal cards 2006 (Payback Game) text from the reverse side:

  • Height: 1.88m
  • Weight: 111kg
  • Attack: 90%
  • Block: 80%
  • Finishing Move: 84%
  • Titles: 17

William Regal cards 2006 Text from the reverse side:

  • Authentic Chromagraph
  • WWE Heritage II (Topps Chrome)

Congratulations! You have just received an authentic autograph card of WWE Superstar William Regal.

william-regal-cards-2006 Facts from the reverse side:

  • edibas Lamincards Collection / new edition
  • [Card no.] 031
  • William Regal
  • Height: m 1.89
  • Weight: kg 111
  • Offense: 19
  • Defense: 11
  • Strength: 9

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