On this page you’ll find all merchandize cards from William Regal that were published in 2008 and that I actually own. I don’t copy & paste pictures from all around the internet. So chances are that these aren’t all cards available. If you like to suggest one or more cards for me to complete my collection, just give me a hint in the commentary section on this page. Thanks in advance!

William Regal cards 2008 Text from the reverse side:

“When high flyers mix it up with traditional grapplers, the result, as Jim Ross would put it, is often “bowling shoe ugly.” This wasn’t the case when London and Kendrick squared off against Regal and Taylor. Four of the best performers on SmackDown put on highlight reel matches during their 2007 feud over the WWE Tag Team Championships.”

Text from the obverse side:

WWE Ultimate Rivals
Brian Kendrick / Paul London (vs.) William Regal / David Taylor

Have a look here (YouTube playlist) for a few of their matches.

William Regal cards 2008 William Regal cards 2008 Text from the reverse side (both cards):

“Poor William Regal. Just when the Englishman was settling back into his role as general manager of Raw, he became the victim of an unmerciful assault by John Cena. Out of action for several weeks, Regal returned in October 2007 to regain the helm of WWE’s flagship program, and has kept things as wild and action packed as ever.”

Note to the mentioned storyline:

On 30 August 2007 the “Sports Illustrated” named ten WWE wrestlers, including Darren Matthews (they published their real names), found to be given steroids not in compliance with the WWE wellness policy. Because of that outing, WWE suspended William Regal for one month on 01 September (Washington Post); storyline wise he was written off television with the above mentioned attack by John Cena on 03 September 2007.

William Regal cards 2008 Facts from the reverse side:

  • Lamincards Collections no.72
  • William Regal
  • m 1,88
  • kg 111

William Regal cards 2008 Ratings from the Slam Attax trading card game:

Common Card:

  • General Rating: 4 / 5 stars
  • Defence: 77
  • Attack: 72

William Regal cards 2008 Champion Card:

  • General Rating: 4 / 5 stars
  • Defence: 83
  • Attack: 77


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