On this page you’ll find all merchandize cards from William Regal that were published in 2011 and that I actually own. I don’t copy & paste pictures from all around the internet. So chances are that these aren’t all cards available. If you like to suggest one or more cards for me to complete my collection, just give me a hint in the commentary section on this page. Thanks in advance!

William Regal cards 2011 William Regal 2011 Text from the reverse side:

William Regal will forever be known as one of WWE’s most hard-hitting competitors, with or without his famed brass knuckles. Regal plied his trade on the streets of Blackpool, England, and came to North America as part of WCW. His career has featured several title reigns, as well as the winning (of) the 2008 King of the Ring tournament.

Note about the card on the right: This obviously is a variation of the card on the left but with blue frame on the obverse side and of limited number with this one being no. 1984/2011.

Notice the already fare-well tone in this text. It seemed like William Regal already in 2011 wasn’t seen as a main character in WWE shows anymore. Highly underrated and shoved to the side. But WWE’s loss was FCW’s gain for sure.

William Regal cards 2011 Text from the reverse side:

William Regal has had one of the most illustrious careers of all time. A former champion both in singles and tag team competition, Regal perfected his craft on the streets of England before coming to North America. He was a standout in WCW before joining WWE in the late 1990s.

William Regal cards 2011 Ratings from the Slam Attax Rumble trading card game:

Common Card:

  • General Rating: 3 / 5 stars
  • Defence: 55
    • Reverse: 60
    • Block: 45
  • Attack: 41
    • Ground: 56
    • Aerial: 30

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