Recently I got a few search engine terms with questions about William Regal. So I decided to start this FAQ like I did with frequently asked questions about Dean Ambrose. Before you read any further I’d like to recommend William Regal’s autobiography “Walking a Golden Mile” if you really want to know something about the man from the man himself. That’s always the best source anyway. In here you’ll find the questions I got through people who found my blog with their specific questions. Hope you enjoy. And feel free to ask questions that are still not mentioned here in the commentary section at the bottom of this page.

  1. Does William Regal have a catch phrase?
    published on 13 May 2015

    Not quite. At least not any more luckily. In 2001 they put the phrase I have been besmirched! as a catch phrase on one of his merchandize cards. But that didn’t last long. And in recent years the nearest to a catch phrase of his probably would be “Sunshine!” or “dear boy” like he used to call some opponents. But unlike Hulk Hogan who still can only finish a sentence with putting “brother!” at the end of it, William Regal today talks like a normal human being. So, no, there is no catch phrase, William Regal can be identified with. And I’m rather glad about it.

  2. Are there pictures from William Regal when he was young?
    published on 13 May 2015

    William Regal a.k.a. McGyver
    William Regal years before WCW / WWF
    I pretty much raided William Regal’s twitter account for this question. Because not only promotes the man classic matches from the past, he also throws out some golden pictures of himself and his friends from time to time. So just follow him on Twitter and give him some love. He likes to refer to himself as an “overworked drag queen” these days. So I guess that’s just a cry for people to assure him otherwise.

    Now according to William Regal himself, the top left picture (from the collage on the left) was his first promo photograph at the age of 16. And when you look at the haircut, the other two pictures have to be taken at around the same time. On the two promo photos at the bottom he was around 20 years of age. On the collage on the right side there are several pictures from William Regal with his good friend Robbie Brookside (most noticeable the two pictures at the bottom), Dave Taylor and a couple other guys. These were shot most likely in England and Germany when William Regal was in his mid 20s.

  3. What music does William Regal listen to?
    published on 10 January 2016

    Just a few minutes ago, William Regal honoured the late Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of Motörhead, with a longer homage on Twitter that also says a lot about his taste in music. So, I’m using this as the answer to this question:

    “In 1979, when I was 11, I listened to a wide range of music. Growing up in England, whatever was selling record wise was in the top 40. Punk, the Mod and Ska revivals, Reggae and Soul, all appealed to me and still do. But my life was never the same after I first heard Overkill by Motörhead. There’s still nothing that makes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle (my personal way of knowing what I like) than listening to a live recording or actual concert of Motörhead.

    Having had the chance to meet and spend time with the band and management, have been one of the greatest things that my unusual life has given me. Several hour long sessions sat with Lemmy telling each other jokes in the back of cars in the loading dock of the Staples Center in LA are memories I will always cherish. Listening to Lemmy doing impressions of British comedian Ken Goodwin, a thing I will remember fondly forever. Thanks to Phil, Mikky and Todd for always being so friendly and accommodating. Being in a shot with the band with my son Daniel backstage at their 30th anniversary Concert DVD is a special thing for both of us. RIP Lemmy.”

    Besides loving listening to the music of Motörhead, he also says that Slade and Northern Soul changed his life.

  4. Did Dean Ambrose really end William Regal’s career?
    published on 27 April 2016

    No, (Antonio) Cesaro was the one who ended William Regal’s in-ring career (to date). Dean Ambrose had his second and latest match against William Regal on 15 July 2012 (taped on 07 June 2012) while William Regal had his latest match so far on 25 December 2013 (taped on 21 November 2013) against (Antonio) Cesaro. And with all the metal that William Regal now has got in his neck, it looks highly unlikely that he will ever have a televised / live match again (as unfortunate as it is).

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