Since I don’t have the time to cover every NXT event, at least I like to collect any tiny feature William Regal did have as the General Manager of NXT. He was announced as the new GM on the NXT show on the 28 August 2014. Since then I watched every NXT show and William Regal did have his part in almost every one of them. And because every one of these segments were either hilarious, incredibly funny or a little silly – or all three of them – I created a playlist of William Regal’s segments as GM of NXT. I have also written about several NXT shows but not every one of them. So this right here is the place for a breviarium / summery of William Regal’s actions as GM of NXT, his involvements in certain feuds, his beef with certain wrestlers and the funny bits in between. I’ll write it down in here and give you the links to the video segments and the articles (if I did write about a certain show). And now have fun!

28 August 2014 – The reign of William Regal as General Manager of NXT starts right here

Credit: charlesedwardstrickland9778 on Tumblr.
Credit: charlesedwardstrickland9778 on Tumblr.
Just over one month ago, William Regal was last seen in NXT doing commentary for the show. And since at least one week it was teased that he would take over as the new General Manager of NXT. So when Jojo finally announced that everyone should welcome the new GM and William Regal’s music started to play, the NXT crowd basically went nuts. It’s still one of my favourite moments ever because it shows how loved and respected Mr Regal is within the WWE Universe. And because of this, I’ve got quite a few links for you regarding his first ever appearance as GM of NXT:

So, at the time the next coming NXT TakeOver show was already lurking around the corner and William Regal wanted to make a big match for the NXT Championship. Holder at the time was Adrian Neville and when this segment was over, we had a Fatal Four Way Match between Adrian Neville, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn. But for this show these four men had to compete in a tag match with each other, Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze on one side, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville on the other. And after the show William Regal reflected shortly about his first decision as GM.

11 September 2014 – NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way and the strength of the coconut oil

Credit: Renee Young on Instagram.
Credit: Renee Young on Instagram.
William Regal’s next appearance as GM actually was on the pre-show for the NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way special. He was there to introduce Kenta a.k.a Hideo Itami to the NXT Universe. Renee Young was one of the hosts of the pre-show and she actually had one good idea when she took this photo of William Regal’s shirt cuffs with his embroidered name to it. But later on she just asked about his hair and the non existent hair of Jason Albert. Granted that Mr Regal’s hair indeed is luscious and he treats it with coconut oil but these questions reveal why Renee Young isn’t doing commentary anymore.

During the show – as I said – William Regal went inside the ring to introduce Kenta. And the man himself revealed his new WWE name Hideo Itami. But it wasn’t just a peaceful party to welcome the new star of NXT. Now The Ascension came out to demand a re-match for the Tag Team Championship but Hideo Itami had another idea. He took out both, Connor and Victor, which started Hideo Itami’s feud with The Ascension.

September 2014 – Tyson Kidd gets an ultimatum

The rest of September William Regal had to deal with Tyson Kidd and his still ongoing demands for opportunities to become NXT Champion. First the GM put him into a tag team match with Titus O’Neil against Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. And the coming week, Tyson’s wife Natalya met up with William Regal backstage to demand a one-on-one match against Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship. William Regal granted it but also said that this would be Tyson Kidd’s last chance. If he can’t pin Adrian Neville this time, he won’t get another chance as long as Neville is champion.

October 2014 – Carmella and Sami Zayn’s Road to Redemption

Come October, William Regal had to deal with a very different kind of people. Enzo Amore (with Big Cass behind the camera) went to the General Manager’s office to ask him for a tryout for Carmella. She just lost her job as a hairdresser because of Enzo, so he promised her another job. Now William Regal generously watched her briefly and indeed got her a match for the coming week.

For the rest of October, we had William Regal talking about the events, summarizing them and giving his opinion. First he said a few nice words about Carmella’s first match in NXT against Blue Pants. And then the subject turned to Sami Zayn. He just won against Tyson Kidd but William Regal made it clear that it takes more for Sami Zayn to be considered as no. 1 contender for the NXT Championship.

During the show one week later Titus O’Neil challenged Sami Zayn for a match and William Regal later on happily accepted this match set-up. He further explains why he doesn’t want to throw Sami Zayn into this NXT Championship opportunity. He explains it very logically and just further proves that he wants to be an authority figure that makes actual sense and is indeed best for business (unlike the authority figure in WWE).

And for the last NXT show of October, William Regal talked in awe about the new no. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship, The Vaudevillains, plus another few words about Sami Zayn. The man just beat Titus O’Neil but was now challenged by Tyler Breeze for just another match to prove himself worthy of a championship match.

November 2014 – The Road to Redemption for Sami Zayn continues

The first show of November was all about two men: first William Regal was visited by Renee Young in his office and there he finally granted Sami Zayn his NXT Championship match against Adrian Neville for the coming week. And later on he commented about the newest recruit of NXT, Finn Bálor, who made his debut in a tag team match with Hideo Itami against The Ascension.

The very next week Finn Bálor showed NXT a bit more of his in-ring abilities and William Regal later on gave us a bit more insight of his signing. He first met Finn Bálor 2006 in Japan and offered help to him back then whenever he wanted to come to America. As for Sami Zayn, he let the NXT Championship basically slip through his kindness and William Regal explained why you can’t let your emotions take over. Because then you won’t ever be the number one person in any business.

And the story between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville went on a week later when Sami Zayn first thanked William Regal for the opportunity to speak his mind inside the ring. It was a tale of two best friends but Adrian Neville said that Sami Zayn can’t win the big one. And he was proven to be right. Now Sami Zayn wanted one last opportunity from Adrian Neville. And if he wasn’t able to win this big one, he would quit NXT. During his statement of the day William Regal also talked about the fun he has watching The Vaudevillains plus he announces Tyson Kidd vs Finn Bálor for the coming week just like Tyson Kidd demanded.

Now this very match between Tyson Kidd and Finn Bálor was ended by an attack on Finn Bálor by The Ascension which left William Regal with no choice but to make the tag team match between Hideo Itami & Finn Bálor vs The Ascension for the NXT TakeOver: [R] Evolution special.

11 December 2014 – NXT TakeOver: [R]Evolution and William Regal feels like the worst father in the world

One week before the next big NXT event, William Regal was met by Tyler Breeze backstage and both men were upset that Marcus Louis wasn’t nowhere to be found. But Tyson Kidd appeared to complain as well. And that gave William Regal the idea for an ad hoc tag team match for this show. Later on the General Manager had some final words to say about the most important matches at NXT TakeOver: [R]Evolution.

William Regal_collage

For this NXT special another new recruit was revealed (after a few weeks of mysterious teasers): Kevin Owens a.k.a. Kevin Steen. The man made his debut on NXT with a win and a broken nose. And he came out again to congratulate his friend Sami Zayn for finally winning the big one and becoming NXT Champion. But then he turned on his friend to set a statement about his intentions in NXT / WWE. Kevin Owens powerbombed Sami Zayn onto the apron that left Sami Zayn injured. William Regal came out, trying to kill Kevin Owens with an evil look and later on cut one of these highly emotional promos that just make him special.

But the General Manager wasn’t allowed to rest in this gloom because during the next show he was very busy with granting The Vaudevillains a re-match against The Lucha Dragons (whoever came up with the idea to turn the picture b/w the moment The Vaudevillains appear on screen, is a genius!), talking about Kevin Owens and his already bloody path that he left in NXT plus handing over Curtis Axel some rules about how to behave in NXT and especially in his office.

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