Doing podcasts arrived late in WWE. But now it’s a big deal and the likes of Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin talk about it like they invented it or made it popular. But for me the inventor of it and original one will always be “The Art of Wrestling” by Colt Cabana. Not surprisingly he was also the first one who got William Regal behind the mic, doing a two parter about the great English wrestling villain. Almost two years before the professional world of wrestling discovered podcasts as being cool.

Anyway, the above mentioned Chris Jericho and Stone Colt Steve Austin also did podcasts with William Regal, so I thought it was time to bring them all together on this place. Hopefully there will be others in the future that I will certainly add the moment they appear online. Now enjoy listening to old stories about the wrestling business all over the world. And if you finished listening to William Regal, just head over to Dean Ambrose on Podcasts and enjoy a few hours of hilarious wrestling stories more.

Matt Ricardo’s London Varieties

Credit: Matt Ricardo.
Credit: Matt Ricardo.

The Art of Wrestling (with Colt Cabana)

The Steve Austin Show

Gorilla Position (with James Delow)

  • Episode 5 | 19 February 2015 / (podcast) // 27 February 2015 / (video)

Talk Is Jericho (with Chris Jericho)

Credit: Chris Jericho on Instagram.
Credit: Chris Jericho on Instagram.

Tuesday Night Jaw (with Jim Smallman)

Credit: Jim Smallman on Twitter.
Credit: Jim Smallman on Twitter.
  • TNJ Meets William Regal | 19 July 2016 / (full podcast)
  • TNJ Meets The Golden Boys: William Regal and Robbie Brookside | 12 Juni 2017 / (full podcast)

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