NXT 2015/09/23: William Regal probably has to have some words with Emma about who really is in charge

For the longest time I wanted to write another NXT review because there are so many exiting things to write about and to remember. So finally here it is, also with a few videos from past episode and some general talking about NXT and WWE. Enjoy!

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NXT TakeOver Unstoppable 15/05/20: William Regal is back fighting and still in search for some respect from Kevin Owens

If you haven’t seen this show so far, do it. There won’t be a better show this year with all around good matches and well told stories from start to finish – well, except there will be another NXT special this year. Sometimes I wasn’t pleased with the outcome but that didn’t take away from the quality of the matches.

NXT TakeOver Unstoppable_collage

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The Wrestling Week That Was, no. 3: Carmella is delightfully uncouth -AND- Dean Ambrose likes the braided beard of Sheamus

There were two last shows before two big special shows during the coming week. So there were a lot of promos, a little teasing and a few matches, too. A lot can happen at Payback and NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable but I’m still trying to predict the outcomes. And I try to explain it as usual with my own logic.

Dean Ambrose_collage

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