The Wrestling Week That Was, no. 7: Even as a jobber to The Miz and Big Show Cesaro entertains and connects -OR- It looks like that finally William Regal gets some recognition for all the work he does

It feels like years ago that Cesaro got his tiny little push that fell on a Friday. But also in his very short matches he’s probably more entertaining than any participant of so-called main event matches recently. Mid-week was a lot better with the debut of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in NXT. Plus: I’m losing all of my enthusiasm for the current Dean Ambrose character. All this in the newest edition of The Wrestling Week That Was. Enjoy!

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Rassling Ragbag 15/09/05: I’d have no problem with adding another match review to my Ambregal shrine

A few things happened in the last few days that need my commentary. A few things will happen that need a bit of promotion. And a few things might happen that need a bit of speculation. In this article I’m talking about the new shirt of Cesaro, the lack of any merchandize for William Regal, his possible match at NXT TakeOver: London, a few other things about NXT, and of course a few words about Dean Ambrose. Enjoy!

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The Wrestling Week That Was, no. 6: If Dean Ambrose turns on Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, I’ll be the happiest person alive

I struggled with writing this new article / blog post / part of a series. I really did. During watching the segments I’m interested in, I made notes but later on didn’t have much ambition to write them out properly because the heat outside and me not really ambitious about it. So I somehow finally managed to connect the notes to full sentences and with each other for having just the really important stuff from last week in here. Maybe it’s better to read this way. Not much babbling from me towards the important facts. Just the facts this time. Enjoy.

Dean Ambrose & Cesaro_collage

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The Wrestling Week That Was, no. 5: Cesaro hasn’t won against John Cena and he doesn’t care because he once won against a far better man

I’m already looking forward to NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and SummerSlam the very next day. It will be a hell of a weekend. The only bad thing about is, I’m not looking forward to watching Dean Ambrose there. It will be all about Cesaro, William Regal and Kevin Owens for me. And this past week just further proved it.

William Regal collage

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Smackdown 14/02/14: Dean Ambrose has a Valentine’s Day present for CM Punk and Cesaro lost his Antonio

Dean Ambrose collage

Watching The Shield vs DB & Christian & Sheamus plus Randy Orton vs (Antonio) Cesaro twice now made me feel I’ve seen enough from Smackdown. Scrolled through the rest and I knew I was right. So, if you have the chance: spare you any disappointment and follow my example.

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Smackdown 14/01/31: Psycho Ambrose is best for business

Smackdown was the first WWE show after CM Punk ‘walked out off the WWE’ but as it was only leaked after the taping on Tuesday took place there wasn’t any reaction from the crowd on this topic. Very interesting will be coming RAW. I still think that it’s a work but just communicated between Punk and Vince McMahon to make sure everyone thinks it’s for real. The only important thing is that Punk finally can get some rest. The other thing is up to him.

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Smackdown 14/01/17: Dean Ambrose has a trustworthy face and Antonio Cesaro needs a comedy show

Dean Ambrose / Punk collage

I have to confess that I had huge troubles watching the latest edition of Smackdown. I mean: The Miz on commentary? Have I done something wrong? Does WWE want to punish me for something that I’ve done wrong in my previous life? Just, please, don’t do this to me. Ever. Again! But like it was with the flying Brock Lesnar turkey I also had to stand this even TWICE today! Thanks for nothing, WWE!

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