Unsere Stadt. Unser Stadion. Unser Pokal. Oder: Wie die Bild-Zeitung den Bayern den Champions League-Titel geklaut hat

Daß Engländer im Elfmeterschießen verlieren, ist ja eigentlich Naturgesetz. Bereits vor dem Champions League-Finale in München 2012 skandierten die Bayern-Fans: Unsere Stadt. Unser Stadion. Unser Pokal. Und die Bild-Zeitung stimmte gerne in diese vorzeitige Feierstimmung mit ein. Doch Chelsea hatte etwas dagegen. Und tatsächlich kam alles anders.


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Football Pictures: Morgan de Sanctis and Henri Lansbury / Rob Green (goalkeeper special)

As some of my readers probably will already know: the position on a football pitch I like most (unlike Roy Keane) is the goalkeeper. He stands out not only on first watch with the different coloured kit and the gloves but also in his special duties during a match. Unlike his ten colleagues he isn’t on the pitch to score goals but to keep his goal clean. And on a personal view I like this position most because football is a team’s sport but the goalkeeper actually is the lone wolf within the team. And unlike all of his ten colleagues he can become hero or villan within just a tiny moment.

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