Main Event 14/02/19: Wade Barrett is incredibly high -OR- Nothing new on the Shield front

Dean Ambrose

My theory for the Shield break-up is the following: Roman Reigns is fed up with Dean Ambrose always ruining his hair with his wet kisses, turns face and beat him up to make him promise not to do it again. Or: Dean Ambrose’s kisses are just kisses of Judas as a hint for Roman Reigns that he will betray him in the near future. Problem is he already betrayed him with certain tag ins to take the laurels of a match. Needs to be a more relevant betrayal, something that hurts very much. Umm… cutting his hair off while Reigns is cuffed on a ring rope, i.e. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio style? I bet the fangirls would completely freak out and hate DA forever, i.e. PERFECT scenario for a Shield break-up!

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RAW 14/02/17: I guess that WWE creatives consider it as an honour for Dean Ambrose being hit with the signature moves of four different wrestlers

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

I didn’t start to write this until now (what is short after midnight) because I couldn’t come to terms if to make this very short – because of my level of disappointment with RAW (to say it very politely!) – or very extended – because of the same reason. I’ll probably meet myself in the middle.

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Smackdown 14/01/31: Psycho Ambrose is best for business

Smackdown was the first WWE show after CM Punk ‘walked out off the WWE’ but as it was only leaked after the taping on Tuesday took place there wasn’t any reaction from the crowd on this topic. Very interesting will be coming RAW. I still think that it’s a work but just communicated between Punk and Vince McMahon to make sure everyone thinks it’s for real. The only important thing is that Punk finally can get some rest. The other thing is up to him.

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