Outtake / Preview to ‘The Cycling Tour: Dresden to Meißen and back’

Yesterday I managed to edit some photographs I’ve taken during our cycling tour from Dresden to Meißen and back on 9 Mai 2013. Certainly Pixlr again was my prefered programme of use. So for one photograph I have done 14 versions, mostly of different frames and due to show them all in the main article about the trip would be too much I’ve decided to create this outtake / preview. You may vote on your favourite version and leave a comment on the others. I’d be very happy!

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Der Bogenschütze am Dresdner Elbufer, part 2


On the history of this martial pal I have said enough so you can read here all about it if you have missed it so far. Why another post about him then? Well, because I’ve taken several other photographs, tried out to sent them all through Pixlr and now want to show you a few versions (as I have used too much time on it to just keep them for myself!).

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Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

As ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ was my first movie I watched in 3D (yes, I know, THAT late…) and my first movie from the ‘new’ Star Trek crew I thought I could write a review about it. And here it is: quite fresh because I was in cinema for it only yesterday and my thoughts on it might go a bit mussy because I’m still split when it comes to my liking of it: I like Zachary Quinto as Spock but I don’t like Chris Pine as Kirk, I really like Simon Pegg as Scotty and Karl Urban as Bones but I really don’t like the overflowing action, I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan… pardon… John Harrison but not at all like the story (kind of). Some reminiscences to the old series are good but some others to the present time are a bit too much. So on a scale from 1 (terrible) to 10 (brilliant) I’d hand it a 7 (but just because it was my first 3D movie and when you do things first time it’s always better than it is actually). I have watched ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ in the original English version but will write the extended review in German – just because I can.

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Der Bogenschütze am Dresdner Elbufer

Bogenschütze Original

On Thursday I’ve made a cycling tour with my brother: the first stage on the so-called ‘Elberadweg’ from Dresden to Meißen. And to show you why photo entries take such a long time there are all variations of a single picture. It’s from the famous sculpture called the ‘Bogenschütze’ situated on the shores of the river Elbe. And if you think that this is quite martial you are right: the first version of this sculpture exists from 1895 and then was seen in castle Sanssouci but this very version (made in 1902) was restored in 1936 as a symbol to prepare the Dresden population for the war to come. So actually this sculpture is a Nazi symbol but as it was built years before Hitler & Co. maybe that’s the cause why it’s still there today.

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Lucius Cornelius Sulla at Orchomenos in 86 BC


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Video: Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Matthew Stevens [WSCS — SF (2012)]

It’s now some days ago when I had written this little piece about my favourite Snooker pairing ever. It was the semi-final of the World Snooker Championship 2012 when my favourite players Ronnie O’Sullivan and Matthew Stevens had to fight it out who would play for the cup in the final. It was Ronnie O’Sullivan in the end who went on to win the World Cup. Ever since I haven’t watched a single Snooker match very much because Ronnie had decided to take a break from Snooker and Matthew, well, I hope he will forgive me but I wasn’t really interested in Snooker at all. I will try to find out when you’ll play next, Matt — promised!

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NaNoWriMo 2012 is finished and you know what?

I HAVE WON IT — which means I have written 50,000 words (and a few more) within the 30 November days. It went a bit different than last year when I had finished the novel only in January 2012. This novel I will probably finish around May 2013 because I can feel very much more substance innit. The subject and the plot is fitting for a 400-pages-novel for sure. But we will see where it will end up. I am definitely still in the mood for writing around 1,000 words per day but I’m not yet sure wether to finish this novel or try to re-start my Doc thesis. It will be probably the second choice because I’m keen on it.

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