NXT 2015/09/23: William Regal probably has to have some words with Emma about who really is in charge

For the longest time I wanted to write another NXT review because there are so many exiting things to write about and to remember. So finally here it is, also with a few videos from past episode and some general talking about NXT and WWE. Enjoy!

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NXT TakeOver Unstoppable 15/05/20: William Regal is back fighting and still in search for some respect from Kevin Owens

If you haven’t seen this show so far, do it. There won’t be a better show this year with all around good matches and well told stories from start to finish – well, except there will be another NXT special this year. Sometimes I wasn’t pleased with the outcome but that didn’t take away from the quality of the matches.

NXT TakeOver Unstoppable_collage

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NXT TakeOver 2 14/09/11: William Regal uses coconut oil for his hair -OR- The Cocky, The Nice, The Sharp and The Pretty

Jason Albert is taller than his hairline +++ The 344 days of dominance are history +++ Baron Corbin appears like a CM Punk / Dean Ambrose mix-up +++ The bystander loses his hair +++ Kenta a.k.a Hideo Itami a.k.a Beautiful Pain +++ Bayley has earned Charlotte’s respect +++ Goodnight, RAW & Smackdown +++ Epilogue

William Regal vs CJ Parker

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NXT Takeover 14/05/29: William Regal is glad that he’s English -OR- Paul Heyman always enjoyed being a lemon

There is a huge difference in having Triple H as boss and having Vince McMahon as boss. At least it’s a galactic difference when you are a WWE diva. Many people may have questioned Natalya’s decision to “go down” to NXT to fight for the Divas NXT championship. But watching her match against Charlotte may have silenced not only her critics but all people critical about WWE divas.

William Regal

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