Night Of Champions 2015/09/20: Talking about imaginations that could happen and would be great but will never be done -OR- The story of Dean Ambrose’s life

This headline was written right after Night Of Champions. But I awaited the results of the following RAW before writing anything. This time I’m not just lamenting but also take you to my imagination of possibilities that WWE always throws out as hints but never realize for whatever reason. Feel free to join me in my frustration.

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Battleground: Predictions

Dean Ambrose

The next PPV is rolling on and I’m doing just another preview. By now you already know perhaps that I really suck at predictions. Usually because I create my own storylines in my mind that will never happen but somehow that influence me thinking about the outcome of certain matches. The good thing is that even creatives, not to mention the wrestlers themselves, often don’t know until five minutes before a match, who is going to win. Take this here as just another possible storyline in an alternate dimension. It might not happen here but maybe somewhere else.

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SmackDown 14/07/04: Just because Dean Ambrose being crazy is a gift to mankind doesn’t mean it works for everybody

No word once again that Dean Ambrose ever held the United States championship title +++ Seth Rollins fanboys on Dean Ambrose +++ What are Stardust and Goldust talking about? +++ Chris Jericho wants to be crazy +++ Cesaro is on some kind of a mission +++ Damien Sandow is Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen +++ Dean Ambrose is crazy but fun to watch

"You're delusional, Rollins. You're talking crazy. Do you really think you're gonna get your hands on those titles? No! No, not when I'm around. I've warned you: no matter where you are; no matter what you do; no matter how much of a plan you and your sugar daddy, Triple H, can cut, I'm gonna be there - every time. I mean, hey, how did your little championship coronation play out for you last Monday?" --DEAN AMBROSE.
“You’re delusional, Rollins. You’re talking crazy. Do you really think you’re gonna get your hands on those titles? No! No, not when I’m around. I’ve warned you: no matter where you are; no matter what you do; no matter how much of a plan you and your sugar daddy, Triple H, can cut, I’m gonna be there – every time. I mean, hey, how did your little championship coronation play out for you last Monday?” –DEAN AMBROSE.
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RAW 14/05/19: Dean Ambrose should sing commentary for every match he isn’t involved -OR- For a moment I thought Paul Heyman would do snow angels

Bray Wyatt opens and finishes RAW with singing the new WWE anthemn +++ Paul Heyman drops just another CM Punk reminiscence +++ Cesaro doesn’t want to shake hands whiter than his own +++ The fastest competitor of the Beat the Clock Challenge for an Intercontinental title match against Wade Barrett at Payback was actually the oldest +++ Layla und Summer Rae set the stakes for a mud fight on Payback – winner gets Fandango (if he wants or not) +++ Stephanie McMahon is about to award the Daniel Bryan title collection to Triple H +++ The Union Jacks a.k.a. 3MB can’t do anything against the Bulgarian brute Rusev who is (probably) paid by Vladimir Putin +++ Super Cena and The Usos doing a fun segment that wasn’t funny +++ Focusing on the actual match isn’t possible when Dean Ambrose is on commentary +++ Alicia Fox is able to act even more disgusting +++ Zeb Colter still can’t stand Adam Rose and his Exotic Express +++ JBL doesn’t like bunnies.

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Main Event 14/04/08: Dean Ambrose is that good that even if he’s hurt for real people think he’s just selling -OR- Dean Ambrose is that good that even if he just sells perfectly people think it’s for real

Now after this match of The Shield vs. The Wyatts that was more or less dominated by Dean Ambrose I hope that most people have finally realized how good he really is. Like I indicated in the headline most people probably thought that he was just selling being hurt in this promo after the match. But it wouldn’t have made sense for him to give up on his lines to advice Rollins and Reigns that they should take over. Most recently he once again was the leading man in The Shield’s promos and being the main man in this match getting the win over Erick Rowan it was just logical that he would also be the main man during that promo.

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RAW 14/03/03: Barbed wire belt on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins does a Saipan and Roman Reigns perfects the Water Hair Shake -OR- How to gain world dominance, lesson 1: How to manipulate the mass

Paul Heyman

Like I said in my previous report: I doubted that Punk would appear at RAW in Chicago and I doubted that he will ever appear on a WWE show again. But this belief was tingled with shades of possibilities because just one day before RAW Dave Meltzer stated that one Superstar teased him that CM Punk would almost 100% sure appear on the show. Dave Meltzer is a trustful source so that there was slight expectation was certain. Now that we all know that CM Punk was absent and stayed absent throughout RAW in Chicago I’d call this strategy almost genius. There were several well placed spots throughout RAW with the perfect opportunity for Punk to emerge.

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Smackdown 14/02/28: Sheamus likes Alberto Del Rio’s hair, Dean Ambrose finally lost his title and Bray Wyatt talks a lot of sense

This slightly strange promo of The Shield is from the preshow of the newly launched NXT Arrival from last Thursday. If you have the chance: go, watch the show. I still haven’t because I had some other stuff to do (mainly writing) but I probably view it tomorrow. I’ve only read so far that Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro was a cracker and Paige vs. Emma was good, too. So, actually the WWE doesn’t need to bring back some old horses, who can barely stand a match of five minutes. There are some big talents not only on NXT but also on the Indies. Which means: if you are not satisfied with the WWE you definitely have some alternatives.

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