One of the great things about WordPress is that you can see with what search engine terms visitors find your website. Since this blog has grown into a Dean Ambrose blog recently I’ve got a lot Dean Ambrose related search terms. Some of them made me smile; some made me wonder what is going through some minds; some others were questions that come frequently. And there this idea was born: I’ve collected all these questions to answer them here. So, this might be useful for all these visitors who are just interested in getting answers but unwilling to read all of my 1K+ words wrestling reports. If you have any other questions not listed here: just use the commentary section down below.

EDIT / 17 January 2015. Because recently I got a few search terms for Dean Ambrose and Instagram, I’m writing this short note: Dean Ambrose doesn’t use Social Media. He’s got an official Twitter account: @TheDeanAmbrose and an official Facebook page: Dean Ambrose – WWE but he doesn’t use both accounts. He once used the Twitter account back in FCW but deleted all tweets, most notably his exchange with William Regal and Mick Foley. Dean Ambrose also doesn’t use Instagram and there is no official account. Every account claiming it’s him, is fake.

  1. Who is Dean Ambrose dating?
    published on 17 May 2014

    First of all I have to ask my own question: Why is this even important? Well, it’s not. Liking Dean Ambrose basically means: liking his character and style inside a wrestling ring. “Dean Ambrose” is a character the actor Jonathan Good is portraying and acting. To answer this question correctly would be: no-one because “Dean Ambrose” currently isn’t in any storyline with a woman in WWE. But this question obviously refers to the wrestling actor Jonathan Good, by fans who basically don’t separate the actor from his portrayed character. Jon Good is very private when it comes to his life outside the ring. And since I’m respecting this you won’t get any gossip or speculation from me on this website. And I can just give you the advice that you should do as well.

  2. Is WWE / Roman Reigns making Dean Ambrose look weak?
    published on 17 May 2014

    This is obviously the case at the moment because Reigns is heavily pushed recently. Reigns in the eyes of WWE will be the next big star of their company, so Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins only act supportive to Reigns. Looks are more important to WWE than character and in-ring skills and changing his name from Roman Leakee to Roman Reigns made their intentions clear from the very beginning. Will be interesting for how long the fans will be behind Reigns when he’ll be finally on his own.

  3. What about Jawbreaker Lariat / Dirty Deeds?
    published on 17 May 2014

    These are probably the wrestling moves that are most talked about when it comes to Dean Ambrose. Only at the very beginning of 2014 he started doing the so-called “Jawbreaker Lariat” a.k.a “The Nigel” as a tribute to his old friend Nigel McGuinness. The “Jawbreaker Lariat” is an actual pendulum lariat, performed in between the ring ropes to gain momentum for the following lariat, i.e. wrapping the arm around the opponent’s upper chest and neck to force him to the ground. It’s called “Jawbreaker Lariat” because McGuinness in early 2007 storyline-wise had broken the jaw of Jimmy Rave with this move. As for “Dirty Deeds” that’s Dean Ambrose’s finishing move, i.e. the headlock driver.

    [EDIT / 05 November 2014]Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Because there was a bit of confusion recently I had to write this “edit”. Around one week before Hell In A Cell Dean Ambrose changed his finishing move “Dirty Deeds” from the headlock driver to a double arm DDT. You can see the first “Dirty Deeds” on the left side; the “Dirty Deeds 2.0”, like I call it, on the right side. It was probably changed because Adam Rose had the same finishing move and since Dean Ambrose is now one of the top guys of WWE, he needed a finisher that was more unique and not similar done by a few other wrestlers in WWE.

    [EDIT / 03 December 2014] And another edit for the “Dirty Deeds” finisher because in an interview from 15 November 2014 in Frankfurt / Main, Germany, published yesterday, Dean Ambrose spoke for the first time about it and revealed who came up with the name:

    “I actually didn’t come up with that name. “Dirty Deeds” is, uh… I must credit to Sir William Regal. He was all… just goes “Dirty Deeds”. And I pretty much, uh… He’s one of the guys whose advice I’ll take implicitly every time, you know, without questioning it. So, it was “Dirty Deeds” from that on. So, you know, AC/DC’s one of my favourite bands of all time, and [“Dirty Deeds”]’s one of my favourite songs of all time. You know, dirty deed, doing dirty kinda guy, so it just fits. Uh, you know, it’s a dirty move, done by a dirty guy. Sometimes you just gotta do it dirty, you know what I mean.”

    So, yeah, it was indeed SIR William Regal who named Dean Ambrose’s finishing move. And now I wonder if both guys meet regularly to practice goofy faces. Because especially when Dean Ambrose makes angry faces, he looks really similar to William Regal.

  4. Is Dean Ambrose gay?
    published on 17 May 2014

    Another question referring to Dean Ambrose’s private life but actually confusing some in-ring acting. After wins with The Shield Dean Ambrose sometimes likes to kiss the hair of Roman Reigns or hugs Reigns and / or Seth Rollins. And this behaviour causes these speculations. I try to answer this question seriously but it’s hard really. Do people really think about male hugging or kissing one’s hair or smiling at each other as gay behaviour? Well, no, it’s not. It’s friendship behaviour because being close does mean showing affection towards each other in public. Nothing “unnatural” or “unusual” at all. But saying that: being gay wouldn’t be “unnatural” or “unusual” as well.

  5. How come Dean Ambrose never defends his US belt?
    published on 17 May 2014

    Just because JBL kept saying that doesn’t mean it was true. You can have a look here to make up your own mind.

  6. Was the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins segment on SmackDown great?
    published on 17 May 2014

    This is a strange question in my opinion. In case you haven’t seen one certain segment, it would mean that you would believe a subjective opinion for you to watch said segment or not. In case you have indeed watched the segment you don’t trust your own experience so you ask others if your imagination was the “right” one. My advice: don’t let others tell you what you should like or what is good. Only trust yourself. If you enjoy watching one certain wrestling segment then it’s obviously great. If you don’t enjoy it then it’s not. Easy.

  7. Was Dean Ambrose really injured against The Wyatts on Main Event?
    published on 17 May 2014

    This question refers to the WWE show on 08 April 2014. You can read this very article of mine to get an answer or you can keep reading the short version here. First of all, there was a lot of speculation around this promo after the match. And that was mostly caused by Dean Ambrose’s great acting. You just never know when he’s injured for real these days because he stopped over-acting lately to make his in-ring action more believable. In my opinion, Dean Ambrose is one of the best when it comes to in-ring acting and psychology. So, it’s not surprising that it’s hard to tell if he’s acting being injured or if he’s injured but tries to stay in his role to finish the segment. As for the very match against The Wyatts: yes, I think he was injured there but it wasn’t anything serious so he could continue later on.

  8. Does Dean Ambrose have an earring / Why does Dean Ambrose have one earring?
    published on 17 May 2014

    The first question is quite easy to answer: yes, there are periods of time he’s got one; there are others when he hasn’t got one. As for the second question, my answer is quite short as well: why not? Many men have one earring in the left ear. So, that’s not very unusual.

  9. Is Dean Ambrose smoking / alcoholic / using drugs?
    published on 17 May 2014

    He used to do drugs in the past and he said it himself, so it’s no big secret and I won’t do him any harm when I write this in here. But that’s years ago as well as his hard drinking days, I suppose. He did also smoke in the past. But I think he currently only chews tobacco and drinks his beers. As for some speculation of him being drunk or on drugs during WWE matches: that’s nonsense and only due to his great in-ring acting (and because he once was indeed drunk during a few barbed wire matches on the Indies some years ago). I highly doubt that he would throw away his WWE career for some beers or drugs.

    Dean Ambrose_Mox smoking [EDIT / 07 July 2015] For the people out there who need visual proof, I’ve added this Gif on the right hand side to show you Jon Moxley smoking backstage. I still think that Dean Ambrose doesn’t smoke since we have no single photo of him doing so. Maybe extensively chewing his chewing gums makes for an effective replacement. But one thing is for sure, the wrestling character Dean Ambrose doesn’t smoke. He’s just crazy.

  10. Is Dean Ambrose boring?
    published on 17 May 2014

    That’s some ridiculous question, really. Because when Dean Ambrose isn’t just one thing then it’s boring. On the other side: just trust yourself when it comes to enjoy certain things, may that be in wrestling, other sports or entertainment. Like I said before: only you know what’s enjoyable to you and what’s not.

  11. Is Dean Ambrose an actor?
    published on 22 May 2014

    No. Jonathan Good is an actor, portraying the character Dean Ambrose. I know, that might be a little captious but it’s the only correct answer. As for the real question behind this question: certainly Dean Ambrose isn’t the crazy guy in real life he portrays inside a wrestling ring. In real life he is even crazier.

    [EDIT / 18 July 2015] Jonathan Good is also portraying a certain Officer John Shaw, the movie called 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown coming out in cinemas and on demand on 11 September 2015 and you can read everything about it here.

  12. Why does Dean Ambrose wear dog tags?
    published on 28 May 2014

    I’m not quite sure if that question is meant seriously but I probably should try to treat it that way. First of all: he doesn’t wear them any more. That was last year, probably when these dog tags were made available at the WWE shop to promote the stuff. And since The Shield’s gimmick is to serve justice within WWE and all army’s “gimmick” is also all about justice the dog tag is pretty much self-explanatory.

  13. Is Dean Ambrose crazy in real life?
    published on 14 July 2014

    I have already discussed this aspect in some of my wrestling reviews. But since this question appeared in my search engine terms section today I’ll try to answer it here as well. First of all: there is a great discussion going on over there on Reddit in the wrestling section of SquaredCircle. It’s a special thread called My psychiatrist best friend had a few words about Dean Ambrose after his promo on Raw. There is discussed in length if Dean Ambrose is nuts for real. But of course he’s not. He’s just a fabulous actor who has done this crazy gimmick for over a decade now. So, he’s quite familiar with portraying his character. But saying that he’s also a bit different in real life, so to speak. But you have to, when you do something like wrestling for a living, right? But he’s not this mental unstable guy he’s portraying in WWE; just your slightly off, taking life with both hands Jon Moxley kind of guy.

  14. Why were Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose split so soon?
    published on 29 July 2014

    It may not surprise anyone who have read one or two of my WWE reviews that I don’t like Roman Reigns very much. But I’m not bashing on him. I just don’t like his gimmick that I fear will become even more ridiculous than the one of John Cena. And it already is. Storyline-wise it wasn’t logically at all to split up Reigns and Ambrose that soon. Because, Dean Ambrose seems to be the only one who actually cares about the betrayal by Seth Rollins. While Reigns is only after Triple H? Or is it Randy Orton? Or John Cena? Or just the whole world how his new shirt implies? It’s very obvious that creatives seem to have no clear plan for Reigns bar being just against anyone, fighting against anyone and winning against anyone. Except John Cena. And Dean Ambrose is on his very own personal vendetta against Seth Rollins. So, to answer the question short: Reigns and Ambrose were separated, so Reigns could be made into the big WWE star of the future without this disturbing hanger-on Dean Ambrose by his side. The really good thing about is, that Dean Ambrose, according to himself, was given much freedom for his gimmick and ring-gear, so he could make the most out of the split so far.

  15. Why is Dean Ambrose acting so stupid?
    published on 12 August 2014

    Why do people ask such stupid questions? Because the answer is quite simple: because that’s his gimmick. Or what do you expect from a guy who is called The Lunatic Fringe and labelled “crazy”, “unstable”, “unorthodox”, etc.? Unfortunately, it’s a long forgotten art to act to your gimmick basically the whole time, not just in some promos or only wear funny clothes, but also with his in-ring style or during the entrance and in interviews. Dean Ambrose does this gimmick now for over a decade. It’s also slightly autobiographical but, of course, he exaggerates his own feelings and daily mood within his ring style. So, it’s not “stupid”, it’s entertaining and funny. And if you think it’s stupid and you don’t like it: don’t watch it.

  16. What happened to Dean Ambrose? / Is Dean Ambrose still wrestling? / Is Dean Ambrose dead?
    published on 24 August 2014

    These questions obviously refer to him went “missing” from RAW on 18 August 2014. This, of course, is a storyline angle so he can be part of the filming for the new WWE movie “Lockdown“. As of right now we know that he will play the second lead as Officer Shaw. And rumors are that he’ll come back at the episode of RAW after the Night of Champions pay-per-view that is 22 September 2014.

  17. How many times was Dean Ambrose on commentary?
    published on 08 September 2014

    There were certainly a few more times, especially in his Jon Moxley days but here are the few times I know and that you can also find on YouTube / DailyMotion etc. If I have forgotten anything, just let me know.

    On commentary Date Event & Link
    Jon Moxley 2006 HWA
    Dean Ambrose 29 Nov 2013 SmackDown (comm break)
    Dean Ambrose 13 Dec 2013 SmackDown
    Dean Ambrose 03 Jan 2014 SmackDown (comm break)
    Dean Ambrose 19 May 2014 RAW
    Dean Ambrose 19 Feb 2015 SmackDown
    Dean Ambrose 17 Aug 2015 RAW
    Dean Ambrose 04 Jan 2016 RAW
    Dean Ambrose
      (w/ Kevin Owens)
    14 Apr 2016 SmackDown
    Dean Ambrose 20 Jun 2016 RAW
    Dean Ambrose 23 Jun 2016 SmackDown
    Dean Ambrose 04 Jul 2016 RAW
    Dean Ambrose 02 Aug 2016 SmackDown Live
    Dean Ambrose 23 Aug 2016 SmackDown Live
  18. What type of hairstyle does Dean Ambrose have?
    published on 29 September 2014

    The Jon Moxley Years2004-2011
    The Jon Moxley Years
    The Dean Ambrose Years2011-????
    The Dean Ambrose Years
    This is a real fun question and I very much had fun with putting these collages together. On the left you see all the stress Jon Moxley put his hair through: the long version, the pink coloured version, the very short version and the roughed up / messed up / street dog version. On the right side you’ve got a few “styles” as Dean Ambrose. No colour anymore and when it’s getting too long, it’s cut a little bit. Obviously he wets his hair for matches and promos. Naturally it’s very curly and a mix between blond, ginger and dark blond. He had it slicked back when starting in WWE with The Shield but went back to his street dog / I don’t care style around December 2013. Also quite visible is his thinning hair and the moving back hairline. But as long as he’s got this tuft on his forehead he will grow his hair there to pretend to still have full hair.
  19. Is Dean Ambrose the bunny?
    published on 16 October 2014

    Quite frankly: no. There was lot and still is lot of speculation about it. And the man who is named the most is probably Sami Zayn. There was also a time when it was said that Darren Young could be revealed as the man in the bunny costume. But this was the time when Adam Rose & The Bunny had their little feud with Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are former tag team partners, so that would have made some sense. But now, since The Bunny has even got his very own WWE profile, it probably won’t be revealed very soon who The Bunny really is.

  20. Who is taller: Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose?
    published on 26 October 2014

    There are always heated discussions between fans which Shield member actually is the tallest, so I’ll add Roman Reigns to this question. Controversy about the real facts is caused on this issue because the billed height isn’t always the same as the real height. Wrestlers often are made taller, so they appear as “larger than life”. But in the case of the three ex-Shield members their billed height is more or less the real one:

    Shield Member Height Billed
    Dean Ambrose 6ft 4in / 1.93m
    Roman Reigns 6ft 3in / 1.91m
    Seth Rollins 6ft 1in / 1.85m

    And if you still think that Dean Ambrose isn’t the tallest of the three guys: just look at him almost standing legs wide spread and upper body crouched a little. That makes a huge difference within a height difference of just a few inches.

  21. Why did Bray Wyatt attack Dean Ambrose without Luke Harper and Erick Rowan?
    published on 02 November 2014

    In his feud with Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt was still with his family Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Then, all three men were off television and only a few promo videos were shown where Bray Wyatt told us that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are now fixed and released by him soon. So, the two guys are on their own now while Bray Wyatt now goes for his next target, he thinks needs to be fixed: Dean Ambrose.

  22. Is Dean Ambrose’s dad really in jail?
    published on 11 November 2014

    Sometimes I’m slightly confused about what people really want to know. First of all: wrestlers in WWE or any other company act after a gimmick. They are given a certain character and sometimes also a background to tell from when it comes to promos or deeper storylines. That’s one side of the story – the acted story. And the answer here is quite simple: it could be. There was the good old times around two and a half years ago, when Dean Ambrose was in a feud with William Regal and – disappointed with the older man – Dean Ambrose cut a promo backstage on him where he revealed that:

    “That’s what you do: you take. You all take. The drugs took my mom; the cops took my dad; social workers came to take my little cousin, beautiful little girl, smart as a whip. The only positive light I’ve ever had in my life. I could have protected her. She wouldn’t have had to go through what I went through but they took her away. They said I wouldn’t be good enough to take care of her. And she’s gone. They took her away just like you’ve taken my match away.”     >> watch it here

    So, storyline wise, yes, Dean Ambrose’s father might be still in prison. But obviously sometimes it’s the little words that counts. In this case: the word “really” that makes the questioner revealing his real interest that is the private life of Jonathan Good. So, he doesn’t talk about his real private life or his upbringing that much. You all should also be aware that any interview on radio or TV morning shows, even on podcasts, he is always Dean Ambrose and hides his private life behind this mask. He is never Jonathan Good when he’s talking to media or the public or even fans.

    So, what we know and what he indeed told us in his pre-WWE interview “Stories From The Streets: The Jon Moxley Story”. If anyone is interested in this interview and can’t find it on the internet – just let me know. Anyway, what he told here can be easily described as “raised by wolves” like he told us in the Shield Special “Journey To SummerSlam”. He doesn’t really talk about his father while his mom had a rough life herself, so she couldn’t care about him that much. Grown up in the slums / on the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dean Ambrose works in some of his experiences and stories into promos and background history. Some might also be made up or intensified. So, you can’t really tell what’s true and what’s only half true. But as long as he doesn’t want to tell us on his own, you shouldn’t ask.

  23. Will Dean Ambrose get a championship belt before February 2015?
    published on 06 December 2014

    Nostradamus says ‘No’. But it doesn’t need Nostradamus to call that. The WWE WHC belt is held hostage by Brock Lesnar probably until Roman Reigns will get it from him at Wrestlemania 31 in March 2015. Since Dean Ambrose isn’t part of a tag team, there are only the IC title and the U.S. title available for him at the moment. But as of right now he just doesn’t care about any titles. And if he is in a title match he doesn’t really compete for the belt but just wants to beat down his opponent. That will only change if his feud with Bray Wyatt comes to an end and Dean Ambrose will be the one who attacks a title holder to get his belt. But with his current gimmick, I can’t think of something like this will happen. Also, the IC and U.S. title are basically mid-card belt, best fitting for guys like Luke Harper, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, etc. But Dean Ambrose is the star at the moment. Going for the IC or U.S. belt would be a step down for him. He has to go for the WWE WHC belt but that can only happen after Wrestlemania 31. Or at Wrestlemania 31, in case WWE changes its mind with Roman Reigns. But again: won’t happen unless Reigns gets injured again.

  24. Why is Dean Ambrose losing so much?
    published on 23 December 2014

    I guess you mean why Dean Ambrose looses that many matches since going solo since June 2014? Well, funny that you ask, dear anonymous human being who found my blog with this specific question. In contrast to Roman Reigns especially, no-one needs to put Dean Ambrose over or make him look strong. Because he’s entertaining and over with the audience already. Maybe a little bit too over for the WWE’s liking? Before you tell me that this would be stupid to kill his momentum when he makes the company a lot of money with merchandize and many people just tuning in because they want to see what Dean Ambrose comes up with next, then just give me a little more time to explain a few things in here:

    First of all: I have (still) no idea who actually comes up with all the glorious ideas in WWE. I sincerely hope that it’s not all done and agreed by Vince McMahon. But somehow I hope it is (with just a couple of other guys). Usually you’d think you promote and push the guys who are great, entertaining, know how the business works, make you a lot of money and most of all who the crowds cheer for (or heavily against when it comes to heel characters). Strangely enough, WWE so desperately wants to make Roman Reigns their new John Cena a.k.a. Face Of The Company a.k.a. 15 Times WWE Champion In The Making that they just turn blind and deaf on every single serious advice about that this isn’t really a good idea. The WWE probably knows that Roman Reigns is far from ready to contribute in interesting and good to watch matches or being the charismatic and interesting face of the company. They probably also know that Dean Ambrose has everything to be exactly this guy. The only problem is that WWE doesn’t want to be wrong and they don’t want to admit this by giving in and change plans for Wrestlemania 31. Instead, they will try to shove Roman Reigns down our throats if there would be no tomorrow.

    As of today probably everyone knows that Roman Reigns will win the Royal Rumble, i.e. the number one contendership for the WWE WHC belt (that is made highly irrelevant in recent months) to “earn” a spot in the main event at said Wrestlemania 31. Would be very surprising if it would be someone else. It’s more likely to make Roman Reigns the first entree to the Rumble match to give him just another record for longest Rumble participant, even more eliminations than last year and maybe there are a few other records to gain, which Michael Cole can then put on repeat for the following year even if Roman Reigns is not even near any match or segment Michael Cole has to call.

    And this brings us back to the current use of Dean Ambrose. He not just loses every single match he’s in, not even to speak about the Pay-Per-Views. He also has to act even more strange and crazy with exaggerated facial expressions, so WWE might hope that the audience turns their attention a little back from him and towards the sane, well composed and super-human Roman Reigns. In fact, with putting a leather jacket and jeans on Reigns, giving him acting advice during his time off and now let him speak at every fitting or not fitting occasion, the WWE tries to transform Roman Reigns into a sane Dean Ambrose. As if “sane” was the reason we all love wrestling!

    WWE also thinks that Dean Ambrose may loose some of his popularity with let him dominating matches but loose in the end, so he appears as someone who isn’t really a competitor for the WWE WHC belt. Like I said before: as if this belt has got any meaning right now. It’s like it doesn’t exist. Even Brock Lesnar when he came back just several days ago, forgot to put the belt on. That’s how important this thing is currently. So, no-one really cares about this belt. But Dean Ambrose is made into a ridiculous appearing individual who can’t get his mind together to get a clean win. He also doesn’t really care about winning or losing.

    So, what’s the actual point? In fact, for the WWE winning matches is still everything. They’ve got their ranking and who’s on spot number one is basically the guy number one. You can only be on top with winning matches. So, Roman Reigns will continue winning with boring and short matches with his three moves of doom while Dean Ambrose continues losing with great and entertaining matches. Because for people who don’t watch the shows regularly but put in money, all that counts are these rankings. So, they see Roman Reigns on the top of it (very soon) and Dean Ambrose just around rank five or six and that’s all they need to know.

  25. What was the point of the Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose feud if Wyatt won everything?
    published on 07 January 2015

    Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
    Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
    Good question, anonymous reader of my blog! And it’s a question almost every WWE fan probably has in mind. It was rubbish to cost Dean Ambrose his more than deserved victory over Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell to start with. So, Bray Wyatt played magician because he thought Dean Ambrose would be like him? And he really believed that he could save him to make him a sheepish follower? It’s the same old story with Bray Wyatt and it’s already boring: he chooses someone he wants to fix but the guy doesn’t want to be fixed – ergo: the guy must die. So, why Dean Ambrose? Storyline-wise because he’s also crazy but not the way Bray Wyatt likes, so Dean Ambrose has to be made Bray Wyatt crazy. Or you could watch these Gifs and tell that Dean Ambrose might have embarrassed Bray Wyatt, so he needed to be punished for that.

    Dean Ambrose The WWE background story is this: Bray Wyatt needed to come back as a singles competitor because WWE want him to match up against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This event was half a year in the future when the feud between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt started and no-one knows until today if The Undertaker is even able to compete. But Bray Wyatt needed a popular opponent, WWE knew that Dean Ambrose can put over anyone, so Dean Ambrose basically had to built up Bray Wyatt for Wrestlemania. Saying that, of course he couldn’t win at Pay-Per-Views but at the same time he also couldn’t be made into a frightened child. That would have killed his momentum completely. So, I guess WWE had to go with a compromise: much talking time for Bray Wyatt and wins for him in the big matches; Dean Ambrose acting like he doesn’t care and dominating matches for the most part. Both strategies didn’t help both men. Instead of jobbing the whole time, Cesaro could have had a great feud with Dean Ambrose. At the moment the WWE doesn’t care about Cesaro, so it wouldn’t have hurt him losing against the top stars at the moment. On the other side, Bray Wyatt could have had a great psychological feud with Erick Rowan. Instead it was just said that Bray Wyatt had fixed and released Harper and Rowan and that was it. Rowan choosing the bright side could have been a great reason for Bray Wyatt to feud with him. But WWE wanted to send crazy versus crazy without any reason behind it and later on didn’t really care about it whatsoever. Huge mistake but hopefully won’t repeated.

  26. Why is Dean Ambrose placed in mid-card?
    published on 09 February 2015

    Because he’s too good to be thrown into the main event / WWE WHC picture. Roman Reigns is the chosen golden boy because of his looks. So, because Dean Ambrose is the far better wrestler, talker and all around entertainer and storyteller in the ring, he’s put down, so he can’t take away from Super Reigns. It’s the WWE logic to make better wrestlers look weak and put them down, just because they don’t like to put on some weight and muscle just to please Vince McMahon’s strange taste in men. But don’t be afraid: on the long run, Dean Ambrose will get what he deserves. First of all: the Intercontinental championship. CM Punk chose Dean Ambrose to wrestle in FCW; The Undertaker chose Dean Ambrose to wrestle; William Regal chose Dean Ambrose to finish his career (even if he still wrestled now and then after both men closed FCW with their second match). Dean Ambrose isn’t an attraction on first sight. People need some time to get him but all of a sudden these people will realize. And this will be the time when he’ll be finally on top. And then he’ll stay there. Dean Ambrose doesn’t need pushes. He is able to push himself. And people will finally acknowledge that.

  27. Did Dean Ambrose use to cut himself?
    published on 16 February 2015

    I refuse to discuss the intention behind this question. You know, romanticize of suicide and self-harm. I know that there are many young girls out there who claim that Dean Ambrose or other wrestlers or famous people saved their lives. It’s good to have role-models but at the end of days every human being has to take care about himself or herself alone. This famous person doesn’t know you and he or she won’t hold your hand when you think again about cutting yourself or jumping from a bridge. It’s also not good to search for bad similarities in famous people. But I said I won’t discuss it. So, here is the short answer: no, Dean Ambrose resp. Jonathan Good didn’t cut himself on purpose. The scars on his body originate from his barbed wire matches and other matches of this kind like with glass or thumbtacks as Jon Moxley.

  28. Is Dean Ambrose dead? / Is Dean Ambrose buried?
    published on 14 April 2015

    I’m not writing about WWE shows anymore because I find his recent booking not entertaining at all. His use is ridiculous for such a talented guy. And quite frankly, I’m rather annoyed by his private life made public by a certain someone. But since still people come to my blog asking these questions, I’m going to answer it: fans out there not much familiar with wrestling terms might have heard or read that “Dean Ambrose is buried” quite a lot recently. Doesn’t mean someone is digging his grave to throw him there. But figuratively it means that a wrestler is shoved to more and more meaningless matches, only has two-minute-wins, no real and meaningful storyline, a match for a title is way out of sight, he’s written off television for no reason and at some point he doesn’t appear on television at all anymore. Now you can say that Zack Ryder is buried; Adam Rose perhaps; and Erick Rowan is another one.

    But you only have to look at the solo career of Dean Ambrose since June 2014: his feud with Seth Rollins had everything – no title, but everything else – they got the main event at a Pay-Per-View and Dean Ambrose was the most over (= popular) babyface in the company. Then he was off for a month, so he was able to film “Lockdown”. Reigns was injured, so Dean Ambrose came back for revenge on Seth Rollins. But he didn’t get revenge. He was forced into a feud with Bray Wyatt. And Dean Ambrose’s intentions were: getting revenge for not getting revenge on Seth Rollins. Again he lost this feud but shoved himself in contention for the IC title. And lost again. And even worse: Dean Ambrose didn’t get another chance but was stuck into this multi men ladder match for the IC title. And lost again. This time because Luke Harper threw him head first into a ladder. And because of this Dean Ambrose is now stuck into a feud with Luke Harper to get revenge for his WrestleMania fiasco. It’s a downward spiral. Every time Dean Ambrose could be a serious competitor, he gets injured or someone attacks him out of nowhere for no reason. So, basically Dean Ambrose might not be buried, but he’s tortured to a painful and slow death, if WWE continues to treat him like that.

  29. Is Dean Ambrose a jobber?
    published on 29 April 2015

    Yes, he is. And that much painful that it hurts from quite a distance. Yes, he won his first Pay-Per-View match at Extreme Rules. But it happened to be against an even bigger jobber in Luke Harper with basically no storyline and of course no title on the line. And what is one Pay-Per-View win in one year compared to other guys who are constantly thrown into title matches without real fight for it?

    And what followed afterwards? A first round loss to Sheamus in the mid-card tournament of King of the Ring. And worse than just the loss itself, it came via DQ because Dolph Ziggler attacked Sheamus and Dean Ambrose appeared as some stupid guy who doesn’t know the rules because he couldn’t understand why he lost. Plus later on in the Fallout interview he just plainly forgave Ziggler his actions. But that wasn’t the all low. On the coming SmackDown Dean Ambrose will job to Seth Rollins, will lose of course and is saved by Super Reigns. Still the “weak link” of The Shield, isn’t he? One of the longest-lasting storylines in WWE’s recent history.

    Dean Ambrose is far from buried. And he won’t get buried. Because he’s just too good to be a jobber to the “big stars”. Like I’ve written before: Dean Ambrose just is the best opponent for everyone because he’s been able to make others look the strongest. Occasionally WWE throws out rumours that Dean Ambrose will receive a huge push, and his fans believe it. Even worse, they are fine with his blatant misuse because the other two thirds of “The Shield” are pushed to the Moon, and from time to time Dean Ambrose is thrown in tag team action with Reigns – so everything is just fine for them. While I’m sitting here, shaking my head and thinking about the vicious Jon Moxley character, even the FCW Dean Ambrose character, whose transformation into a silly and stupid character made for the 5-year-olds is now complete.

  30. What music does Dean Ambrose like to listen to?
    published on 13 May 2015

    Dean Ambrose – or in this case Jonathan Good – has got a various taste in music. He once said that he basically listens to anything that strikes him in one way or another. He likes to listen to Country (Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Shooter Jennings), Rock (Pantera, Pink Floyd), Heavy Metal (Deftones, Slipknot) and Rap (The Game). So chances are, if the music is good he likes it – doesn’t depend on any genre.

  31. Did Dean Ambrose finally join The Authority after Payback 2015?
    published on 24 May 2015

    I find this really funny that there are so many guys – well, mostly gals – out there begging and hoping and praying for Dean Ambrose to turn heel and join The Authority to be another lapdog for Seth Rollins. Yeah, I know, great fanfiction material but completely irrational for the character of Dean Ambrose. Right now he’s the most outspoken guy against The Authority in WWE. People might still say that this could be a trick to fool all other guys and the fans, so Dean Ambrose joining The Authority would happen as a huge shock. But just try to think for a moment. Dean Ambrose wants this WWE World Heavyweight championship and rightly so. If he’d join The Authority, Seth Rollins would still have this title. And even if Dean Ambrose wants to join The Authority to make Triple H believe that he’s the worthier guy to held this belt, so he’ll end up taken the belt from Seth Rollins with help from The Authority, it won’t happen. Because Dean Ambrose also said for a numerous times that he’ll have to do it the hard and long way up to the top of the mountain. He might be crazy and unpredictable but he’s still his dignity left and I can’t imagine him giving up this dignity for being a lapdog or making his way an easier way.

    It’s more likely that Roman Reigns will turn heel at Elimination Chamber, costing Dean Ambrose the title win and join The Authority. So, to finally answer this question: no, Dean Ambrose didn’t join The Authority and he never will. And by the way, all strange theories that look like legitimate journalism you read on The Inquisitr – forget it, it’s all nonsense and only created to make you click these pages of pure fantasy.

  32. How did Dean Ambrose get released from jail?
    published on 27 May 2015

    This question refers to the episode of RAW from 25 May 2015 when Dean Ambrose got arrested for hitting a camera man but later on it was revealed that Seth Rollins shoved the camera man into Dean Ambrose, so Dean Ambrose punched him because he thought he got attacked from behind. Anyway, he was arrested and taken away but later on came back in the same paddy wagon, all dressed up in the police uniform of a certain Officer Costa. And no explanation was given how Dean Ambrose was able to get away – like it’s always the case. Michael Cole did say that charges might have been dropped after the phone footage appeared. But this still doesn’t explain how Dean Ambrose was able to come back in a paddy wagon with the uniform of a non present police officer.

    Now I could answer this question with, just use your fantasy. But I can also give you a hint with this report from the episode of RAW from 21 July 2014. Stephanie McMahon was just arrested and during his Fallout interview, Dean Ambrose addressed these words to her:

    “I’m trying to get hold on you tonight and get you some phone numbers of some guys that I know, that have gotten me out of similar situations that you’re in tonight, okay? Their names are Sneaky Pete and Fat Tony. They’re good guys. They’re… they’re good-at-what-they-do guys and they helped me out in the past, alright?”

    So, I guess these guys just helped Dean Ambrose bringing the police truck under his control to drive back to the arena.

  33. Did Dean Ambrose really dislocate his shoulder?
    published on 29 May 2015

    Dean Ambrose has got some history with dislocating his left shoulder. It certainly became his Achilles’ heel in WWE. There are two matches so far in which Dean Ambrose apparently dislocated his shoulder. The first time in his first match with William Regal on 06 November 2011 and the second time during the Money In The Bank ladder match in 2014. Storyline-wise I have to answer this question with ‘yes’. But in reality Jonathan Good didn’t dislocate his left shoulder. In neither of these two matches. If he actually would have had, the very match would have been stopped immediately or – in case of the ladder match – the match would have continued without Dean Ambrose. Every talk about Dean Ambrose legitimately dislocated his shoulder by Dean Ambrose or William Regal or any WWE employee, is done in kayfabe – id est told to the storyline.

  34. Does Dean Ambrose smoke drugs when fighting?
    published on 09 June 2015

    Seriously? I mean, people not only have these questions, they also type it into Google to search for an answer? I hope this was meant as a joke, because – seriously? I already answered the drugs question. So everything Dean Ambrose chews inside the ring is gum. Have you ever seen him smoking anything inside the ring? How do you smoke anything in public without having clouds of smoke circling around your head from time to time? Does something like “virtual smoking” exist? Seriously, this question is just ridiculous and I leave that here as my answer.

  35. What does Dean Ambrose wear to wrestle?
    published on 15 July 2015

    This question seems to be a little dumb but it isn’t really if you are into the little details (like me). So on first look, Dean Ambrose just wears one of his merchandize shirts with cut off sleeves or a simple tank top with jeans and wrestling boots to the ring. But if you are into Halloween or cosplaying or else, you want to know about the little details.

    About the shirt there isn’t much more to say. You can get Dean Ambrose’s merchandize on the WWE Shop, cut off the sleeves from a shirt or just get a black / grey / white tank top. For the jeans, you should head over to Relentless Jeans, a brand specialized for athlete’s jeans. Dean Ambrose told us about his preferred jeans brand in an interview at WrestleMania 31 Axxess. Like every wrestler he also wears kneepads but in his case under the jeans, so you can’t see them. But these might be the same he wore at FCW. Then we have his special taste in belts. He usually wears ordinary belts but there were two belts that caught everyone’s eyes so far: as some kind of reminiscence to his barbed wire Indie past, he wore the Justin Barbed Wire Belt in the black version. And the other one was the Tony Lama Ghost of Tombstone Belt that was broken at Money In The Bank during that main event ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins. And then there are these black boots that Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns wore during their Shield days and that they still wear. Those boots actually aren’t wrestling boots but military boots, called Nike Special Field.

  36. Did Dean Ambrose’s mother die when he was 16?
    published on 30 July 2015

    I still get a lot of personal questions that certainly don’t ask for information about Dean Ambrose but about Jonathan Good. Like questions about his private cellphone number or else. I won’t answer any of these questions. But somehow I feel the need to answer this question because people already tend to romanticize over Dean Ambrose’s poor youth. And with this question there could be a rumour initiated making him into an orphan. So, the simple answer to this question here is ‘NO’. He didn’t lose his mother when he was 16. He talked about her briefly in his “Stories from the Streets” interview from 2011 when he still didn’t have to be cautious about stalking fangirls. He actually said that at the time in 2011 he was fine with her again, good relationship and definitely not dead. He doesn’t talk about his father, so I won’t do so as well.

  37. Write some steps to put Dean Ambrose’s DDT / How to do some Dirty Deeds?
    published on 18 August 2015

    First of all I have to say something important: don’t do this at home, especially not with your little brother or sister as some kind of prank. Of course it’s illusory by WWE to even think they could prevent people from trying certain moves. Without childhood trying there wouldn’t be any grownup wrestlers. And the Dirty Deeds 2.0 is a nice and easy enough move to try. You can practice on the beach or in bed – something with a soft ground. Best of course would be a wrestling ring with an experienced trainer by your side, so I recommend that before anything else. And even before that I recommend reading William Regal’s advice of How to make it as a pro wrestler. The most important point here is: please practice some rolls, then falls before you lay hands on anyone else. And that very person also needs to know how to roll and fall. Otherwise you are at a high risk of injuring another person or yourself permanently.

    Now when you know how to roll and fall, just look at the Gif of the Dirty Deeds for a couple of times that I have put to this page here. What Dean Ambrose is doing here is a Snap Double Arm DDT. First you have to cause your opponent bending their upper body forward. Dean Ambrose does that with kicking them into the stomach. Then you can underhook both of your opponent’s arms behind their head and lock their head in between one of your arms. If you are right handed, you will usually lock their head in between your left arm and vice versa. Then you’ll swing your left leg (the right one, if you are left handed) back and forward to cause some momentum (and make the deeds look extra dirty!) and drop yourself on your back, so your opponent will end up head first on the ground. Of course, you need to make sure that your opponent doesn’t really hit the ground with their head. Wrestling isn’t about violence, it’s about protecting your opponent. So the magic and art is to make it look extra dirty while always keep your opponent injury-free.

    And now have some fun with rolling your opponent on their back and giving them the 1-2-3.

  38. Why doesn’t WWE promote 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown?
    published on 25 August 2015

    The answer to this question is pretty easy: because this movie was only done to get Dean Ambrose off TV, so he couldn’t take away attention from Roman Reigns. Now why would you promote a movie with someone who at all costs don’t have to take away any attention from the next John Cena? To climb down from Mt. Cynicism, I really don’t understand why WWE doesn’t show at least the trailer during commercial breaks of RAW or SmackDown. As far as I understand, these movies are done to promote WWE to a wider audience. So showing the trailer during WWE shows probably won’t bring the attention outside of WWE. But at a time when such things as trailers and promo clips would go viral through the internet, you have to think that WWE does it on purpose. Or doesn’t in this case.

    Which brings me back to my first assumption. I mean, The Miz already promoted his new movie that only comes out around Christmas. And a trailer of a movie with Big Show was put on the WWE’s YouTube channel. When Dean Ambrose does interviews, he doesn’t talk about the movie. He just spoke about filming it on rare occasions and that mainly podcasts that don’t have a wide spread audience. Just makes you wonder if he isn’t really allowed to talk about it because WWE wants to sell his current weak link, idiot character who doesn’t have a plan and needs his “brother” to get the tiniest little things done. Kayfabe in and outside of the ring is really alive when it comes to Dean Ambrose. Side note here: when the filming started he was mentioned by his real name Jonathan Good; but the poster of the movie has Dean Ambrose on it. Yes, it makes sense because people certainly only know the character Dean Ambrose. But if WWE doesn’t promote the movie at all, what difference does that make? You see, it’s really an interesting question with far more additional questions than real answers.

  39. Does Dean Ambrose have a sister?
    published on 25 November 2015

    Yes, he does have a sister. Actually Jonathan Good does have a sister. If Dean Ambrose does have a sister, we don’t really know. There was this promising start to the Ambrose vs Wyatt feud when Bray Wyatt finished a promo with the mysterious words that she would still cry for Ambrose. But we never got to know who Bray was talking about. I’d really like to know, WWE.

  40. What was Dean Ambrose doing before FCW / WWE?
    published on 25 November 2015

    A lot basically. As a young Indie wrestler he was part of some Indie companies. Here you have a tiny list of the companies and if you like to watch some, you can certainly go to YouTube and search for Jon Moxley. But you can also have some DVDs. Just click here and / or here for some classics. And now for the list:

    • 2004-2010 | Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA)
    • 2007 | Ring Of Honor (ROH)
    • 2007-2011 | Insanity Pro Wrestling (IPW)
    • 2009-2011 | Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)
    • 2009-2011 | Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA)
    • 2010 | Full Impact Pro (FIP)
    • 2010-2011 | Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW)
  41. Why is Dean Ambrose called a cowboy?
    published on 25 November 2015

    Is he? I had no idea. I mean, I can guess where this is coming from. But I never heard anyone calling him “cowboy”. On the RAW episode of 08 June 2015 from New Orleans he went through Bourbon Street including riding a mechanical bull. Plus his love for JBL’s cowboy hat probably make people call him “cowboy”. But that’s definitely not an official name.

  42. When was Dean Ambrose the NXT champion?
    published on 25 November 2015

    Never. He never won any title in FCW. And he never won any title in NXT. He also wasn’t on NXT television before debuting with The Shield in WWE. He only had two appearances with the Shield in NXT with one promo on Adrian Neville and then the match against Adrian Neville for the United States Championship.

  43. Why doesn’t Dean Ambrose talk about his childhood?
    published on 25 November 2015

    Because he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t see the need to do so. And I can only agree with him on this point. If you didn’t have a great childhood, why would you want to tell everyone about it? There is no need really. And people should stop asking.

  44. How many times was Dean Ambrose the World Heavyweight Champion?
    published on 25 November 2015

    Never in WWE to this date. But due to his appearance in several Indie wrestling companies he actually did win a few World Heavyweight Championships. And I’ve got a little list for that as well:

    • HWA | World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
    • IPW | World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
    • CZW | World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
    • FIP | World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  45. How old was Dean Ambrose with pink hair?
    published on 25 November 2015

    In early 2006 Dean Ambrose appeared under his then ring name Jon Moxley for two shows in WWE. For the second show he had to colour his hair pink. WWE officials thought this was a good idea. It wasn’t his own idea. Given that his birthday was on 07 December 1985, he was 20 years of age at the time.

  46. When did Dean Ambrose start to wrestle?
    published on 06 February 2016

    Very likely he started to wrestle on 07 December 2003, his 18th birthday. According to himself, he went to the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) in Cincinnati at the age of 16 (2001) but Les Thatcher refused to train him until he was 18. But Dean Ambrose (at the time still Jonathan Good, of course) already worked there until he was 18, selling popcorn, setting up the ring, etc. plus kept his eyes and ears open and his mouth shut, so he already learned a few things about wrestling. After his 18th birthday he was trained by Cody Hawk. He made his in-ring debut for HWA in June 2004 under the ring name Jon Moxley and kept it until he was signed by FCW / WWE.

  47. Does Dean Ambrose have a catchphrase?
    published on 06 February 2016

    No. And I very much hope that he’ll never get one.

  48. How many wishes has Dean Ambrose granted?
    published on 06 February 2016

    Sometimes we get to see pictures or a few sentences about Dean Ambrose doing charity work. Usually such Make-A-Wish meetings take place backstage before or after WWE shows. There are reports from basically every single wish granted from John Cena and Roman Reigns. But since Dean Ambrose isn’t considered as one of the big stars of the company, you hardly get to know about him. There is certainly an intern WWE statistic but we won’t ever see this one.

  49. Will Dean Ambrose win in a real fight?
    published on 06 February 2016

    That’s an academic question really. Because do you mean a fight in boxing, a real wrestling match, kick boxing or a wild street fight? When it comes to wrestling moves and the willingness to take risks, then there is hardly anyone better than Dean Ambrose. People usually argue about Dean Ambrose would be having the worst and weakest punches in wrestling, so that make them believe that Dean Ambrose couldn’t stand his man in a “real” street fight. But if you indeed mean a basic street fight that you need to consider that technique isn’t needed there but the willingness to take a lot. And that has Dean Ambrose proven already in a lot of death matches with barbed wire, glass, etc.

  50. When did Dean Ambrose get his ring name?
    published on 12 April 2016

    It is known that the wrestler now known as Dean Ambrose got his name from the late Dusty Rhodes when he arrived in FCW, still under his ring name Jon Moxley. Though the exact date of the birth of Dean Ambrose isn’t known to me, I’m still able to narrow the date:

    • terminus post quem: Jon Moxley had his last match on 19 April 2011 at EVOLVE 7 against Austin Aries in Manhattan, New York. So, this is the last date we know of him using that ring name;
    • terminus ante quem: Dean Ambrose made his first appearance during the taping for FCW TV #144 (that aired on 3 July 2011) on 9 June 2011. I know that there are some earlier promo tapings that weren’t used for television but as far as I know we don’t have an exact date. So, the 9 June 2011 is the first date we know of the first using of the name of Dean Ambrose.

    So, somewhere between 19 April 2011 and 9 June 2011 Jon Moxley went into the office of Dusty Rhodes and walked out as Dean Ambrose, a name he wasn’t very fond of in the first place. It’s very likely that it happened in late April / early May 2011.

Dicided that 50 Questions and Answers are well enough for one page. If you are interested in more Q&A from 17 March 2016 onwards, just head over to my second page of this kind, the Dean Ambrose FAQ, part II.

That's it. Hope, you had fun!
That’s it. Hope, you had fun!

9 thoughts on “Dean Ambrose FAQ

  1. I was wondering if you know how Jon came up with his ring name? He was Jon Moxley all the way til he got to the WWE. Just curious. Thanks 🙂


    1. His first name Jon he just used because it was his real name. And Moxley was just a random name he was given before his first real match. I know that he talked about it a few times and I might remember correctly that he got a couple of names to choose from and took Moxley. I vaguely remember that he talked about it on one of his Jericho podcasts. So you can listen these first two ones if you want to hear from the man himself.


  2. I know he does not talk much about his father, but you know what was the father’s name of Good? I would be grateful if you would answer me


    1. First of all: I can’t imagine any use of knowing his father’s name. Maybe you can tell me why you’d like to know. Second: I don’t know the name of his father and I can only guess that he doesn’t know much about him anyway. Also, he doesn’t necessarily need to have the name Good. Everything I do know about his parents doesn’t suggest his parents were married.


      1. Sorry no English mistake, I am Brazilian and thanks for the reply! I read all your responses and found it all quite amazing. Thank you so. Jonathan is still the WWE Champion and that comes over their follies! KK


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